Social Media Strategist at BKO Creative Agency

As a social media strategist working remotely for this USA-based agency, I was in charge of the content creation and management of multiple social media accounts for over two years. Specifically, I was responsible for:

- Research social media trends
- Developing and presenting strategies to clients
- Creating a social media calendar
- Creating marketing copywriting while respecting the tone and voice of the brand
- Guiding the visual team in the creation of visual assets
- Scheduling content using scheduling tools
- Interacting with the community when needed 

Overall, my goal was to successfully engage with potential customers and grow the social media channel of a variety of clients, ranging from B2B to the non-profit sector. 

Please take a look at some of the clients I was responsible for.
Client: EdSeed
Client: Finding Fellowship
Client: Singer/ Songwriter Piwai
Client: PeakLogix

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